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Treating Sports Injuries at The OSIC Sports Injury Clinics in Oxford & Weybridge

Our practitioners at the Oxford & Weybridge sports injury clinics have worked with many national teams and sporting institutes, as well as having worked at both the Olympic and Commonwealth games. We treat a wide range of patients from Olympic athletes to occasional golfers. Our aim is to help each individual overcome their moments of vulnerability and injury - through trauma or in training - and get them back to performing at their best.

Whatever sport you participate in, there will be a time when you pick up an injury. Knowing how to treat a sports injury and having it properly assessed will help to speed up the recovery process.  Early treatment of sports injuries is extremely important for long-term recovery and rehabilitation. At the Weybridge & Oxford Sports Injury Clinics the practitioners will assess the severity of your sports injury and provide expert treatment and advice.

Sports injuries can be broadly classified as either traumatic or overuse injuries.  An injury that occurs as a direct result of a sudden event, such as a sprained ankle caused by twisting awkwardly, is known as an acute injury.  In contrast, an injury that is caused by overusing the same muscle group or joints is known as a chronic injury.

Whether your sports injury is acute or chronic, if pain persists, you should seek a specialist’s opinion because you may be hurt more severely than you think. There are many different types of sports injuries, but certain body parts tend to be more prone to injury than others.

Poor fitness, technique and structural abnormalities also contribute to the development of sport injuries.  Prevention being better than cure, the practitioners at the Weybridge & Oxford Sports Injury Clinics encourage screening for weaknesses that may lead to injury, and through the implementation of strengthening and conditioning exercises, help to eliminate them.

Further details on sports injuries can be found by clicking on the links in the right hand column. If you are in any doubt as to whether we can help you, please contact us at either the Weybridge or Oxford Sports Injury Clinic and we will advise you accordingly.
Common Sports Injuries we treat at the Oxford & Weybridge Sport Injury clinics:

Sprains & Strains
Initial Self Management Advice
Ankle Injuries
Knee Injuries
Hip & Groin Injuries
Back & Neck Injuries
Shoulder & Elbow Injuries
Tennis / Golfers Elbow
Muscle Tears / Strains

Sports Massage
Pre & Post Exercise
Functional Assessment & Rehab 
Post Surgery Rehabilitation 
Achilles Tendonitis 
Runners / Jumpers Knee
Osgood Schlatters
Shin Splints
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Sports Injury Clinic
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