Our Oxford Osteopaths specialize in chronic back pain, leg, neck & shoulder pain, sport related injuries and more.  We are the experts in pain relief for all musculoskeletal problems from trapped nerves and headaches, to Arthritis, rheumatic pain and more.. Book an appointment online with our Osteopath today..
Sports Injury Clinic Oxford / Weybridge
Sprains & Strains
Sports Massage
Functional Assessment & Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation in Oxford OSIC Clinic | Physio Oxfordshire, Sports Injury Rehab Physiotherapy
Functional Assessment and Rehabilitation at Oxford & Weybridge OSIC

Functional assessment can help to identify areas of the body in which weakness persists. Such weaknesses can potentially lead to injury. At the Oxford & Weybridge Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinic we offer this service for those wishing to benefit from proactive injury prevention management.

Rehabilitation is the active phase of treatment which introduces and integrates specific, progressive remedial activities leading through to a return to functional activity.

Rehabilitation is frequently missed or not addressed correctly but is essential for full recovery and the prevention of further or recurrent injury.  The staff at our Oxford & Weybridge clinics target areas of muscle imbalance, core stability and improve joint position sense awareness.

Common Sports Injuries we can treat at the Oxford & Weybridge Sports Injury Clinics:

Sprains & Strains
Initial Self Management Advice
Ankle Injuries
Knee Injuries
Hip & Groin Injuries
Back & Neck Injuries
Shoulder & Elbow Injuries
Tennis / Golfers Elbow
Muscle Tears / Strains

Sports Massage
Pre & Post Exercise
Functional Assessment & Rehab 
Post Surgery Rehabilitation 
Achilles Tendonitis 
Runners / Jumpers Knee
Osgood Schlatters
Shin Splints
Returning to Sport

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